Before entering the section inherent to the products dedicated to encapsulating Asbestos in order to avoid any kind of emissions it is important to clarify some keywords and what is required of the procedures by the applicable legislation in the matter.
The laws to which is made reference in the current production of Asbestos treatments are:

    • The n.257, 27 marzo 1992, that forbiddens the construction with or the employment of Asbestos with/in any form.
    • D.M 20 agosto 1999, a decree that expanded the above legislation including the means by which the Asbestos is to be rendered inert, decontamination and other security measures to be taken in the matter. The technical procedures are, moreover, described in reference of the article of the legislation applicable in the matter as of the article:art. 3 del D.M. 6 settembre 1994.

It is necessary to state, first and foremost, that Asbestos fibres are cancerogenous only in form of inhalation, therefore all the interventions are aimed at blocking the emission of aforesaid fibres throughout time. Nonetheless, the legislation in the matter is pretty clear, and states that all the procedures put into action for decontamination and Asbestos fibres protection are to fall under 4 major classes: A, B, C and D. In the first three classes the Asbestos containing product stays in its place, thus we can speak of preservative encapsulation interventions, whereas in the fourth case, the D, the encapsulation is temporary and rendered necessary by the operations of removal and safe interim storage of the Asbestos product.

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