Practicity of resins in floorings and wall coatings

Not only aesthetic, but practical solutions for your home and workplace

These days adaptibility and practicality are elements more and more important in any request a quoteindustrial sector, whatever it may be. In living and working arrangements, the choice of robust and reliable materials is by now a rule.

resins for flooringIt is the same also for resins for flooring. In modern society, so directed to speed and effciency, elements such as practicality, robustness, reliability, durability, hygiene have become increasingly important. The importance of these factors is evident when it comes to analyze their function, that is to avoid as much as possible that each person’s attention is diverted from productivity, both when working, in sports activities or even in the household chores.

A dirty floor, requiring ongoing maintenance, definitely takes time, time that we could spend in other ways, perhaps more important or enjoyable. Let’s imagine a brick floor, just as an example, it has in it all the charm of time, especially if it is old and has been carefully restored; it is porous, and it is the reason why it is so delicate, even the concrete joints between tiles are full of germs and dirt. The same for a ceramic floor. The solution, in order To have a hygienic and easy to clean floor, that requires low maintenance, is a resin flooring COLORPAVING.

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Let’s have a look at the practicality of a brick floor: if installed in a workplace, consider a restaurant, in every moment the waiters would have to pay attention not to pour oil drops that would stain indelebly the floor, if not cleaned immediately. We can realize that it is not functional. The staff and the owner should constantly be on the alert to protect the floor, at the expense of production. This would not happen with other materials such as resin. If we consider a ceramic floor these inconveniences would be minor, but nevertheless always present.

The same is true for wall coverings, even here practicality, robustness and durability have become important and fundamental aspects of everyday life. We can say that in modern society very beautiful but very delicate surfaces – and therefore not functional – are not the best either for home or workplace solutions. The same for the hotels, because walls are subjected to heavy wear due to the continuing impact of suitcases.

Our resins for flooring, produced in Verona, are the solution for your needs, the perfect combination in terms of practicality, functionality and beauty; for sure they will satisfy your demands and needs. They are robust and reliable, aesthetically beautiful, granting the possibility to create your own personal envronment. No limits to the aesthetic possibilities for satisfying your tastes and needs.
Whether it’s a home, office or a store, a floor must necessarily have some fundamental characteristics. One of these is the resistance to abrasion and wear due to the continuous walkway.

Our resin floorings are reliable and projected to last in time. They are therefore suitable for every type of flooring and the perfect choices for changing and improving your floors. They are the solution for being installed in houses, workplaces, gyms and many others. They are not only beautiful, but also durable. The fact of being robust make them suitable for all th environment possible.

When it comes to resin products of this type, produced and installed by expert personnel,resins for flooring trained by a specific preparation and years of experience, we are speaking about Geo Hydrica. Producer of continuous flooring of Venber brand in Verona and COLORPAVING SYSTEM, boasts 2 generations of experience and the fundamental know-how to carry out state-of-the-art work, granting aesthetics and durability in time.

Another important element to be considered when talking about resins for flooring is their specific ability to be installed almost anywhere, this because each layer of the system has a particular function; for example the primer grants a force of adhesion of over 250 t/m2, the filler – in addition to not lose volume – provides effective vapor barrier etc. Venber resins produced at our facilities in Verona with our innovative system COLORPAVING, allow the installation of the resin on any surface, in only 2 mm thickness. This technology grants perfect results, even in harsh conditions.

Resins are suitable for flooring, masonry work and renovation of homes and businesses. Their use is extensive and can be on almost any surface, vertical or horizontal. Furthermore some of our epoxy resins are water-based and can be used in the presence of foods without risks for the health.

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