Reduce costs with quotes by the leading companies in the decontamination of Asbestos waste business

Today more than ever it is fundamental to spend one’s own money in the most cost-effective way, that’s why it is important to pick the best in the jungle of companies that storm the market concerning Asbestos removal or decontamination.

Cheaper doesn’t mean best. The best companies that treat Asbestos are not the cheaper but those whose profiles meet the following 3 main characteristics:

  1. Professional entrance in the Register of Environmental Managers
  2. Financial stability and solidity, that is they have the possibility to offer themselves to anticipate the covering of the costs tied to the Asbestos removal procedure, but also of the costs concerning the installation of a new ceiling
  3. Long-standing experience in the execution of the job, in order to guarantee the absence of delays of any kind and the necessary conselling in the best possible way.

It is important to note that it is not possible to play around with Asbestos fibers containing waste because, as of DPR n. 915/82 all form of waste containing Asbestos is classified as a toxic-harmful waste, or special waste, therefore the law compels those who dispose of it to produce a documentation inherent to the tracking of aforesaid waste and also to the landfill site into which is stocked. This compliance makes depending on qualified professionists in the disposing of Asbestos waste, in order to avoid heavy criminal penalties.

For all these reasons and strong of the fact that our company is the major producer of Asbestos decontamination measures and products, and of the fact that we have been collaborating for many years with all the companies that work in the field, we wish to offer you, free of charge, the quotes from the best leading companies in the sector.

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