Finishes in resins for flooring

Resins for flooring: finish coatings

A general view of advantages and aesthetics

resins for flooringIn the field of building renovation we can certainly say that resins for flooring are a very innovative solution.request a quote In fact they can be used not only for floors but also for remaking of wall and coatings in general (furniture, doors etc.). This type of solution is widely adopted in construction industry, both for new installations and for renovations.

The appearance of the final product has acquired in time more and more importance and with a resin flooring the need of the customer, even the more demanding, can be fully met. The goal is to create, in the working environment, whether it is a shop, bar, store or office, or even in a house, a tailor-made environment, meeting the customer needs in all aspects, both functional and aesthetic.

The principal advantage of a resin product is this: with a nominal cost compared to other traditional operations and in short time (4-5 days for a 150 m2 apartment) you can have a top quality product. The procedure takes place without the typical drawbacks of restructuring, that is to say dilated times of installation, downtimes between different processing stages and estimates which rise during the work.

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Value of Colorpaving and Venber Verona products

With our COLORPAVING line we give our customers the guarantee of eliminating price and timing variables, these elements will be faithful to the original quote. Our customer is not in danger of being faced with unpleasant surprises, such as cost increases and longer execution times, with all the disvantages involved. We know what it means cleaning up after a traditional renovation!

Another big advantage of using our resins for flooring is that we produce entirely in our facilities in Bussolengo, in the province of Verona, and we work only with experienced installers, our aim is to give the customer a flat and linear flooring, ready for use, easy to mantain and responding to his aesthetic needs.

We can use our resins for both for industrial and domestic flooring. The result is always a modern, elegant and functional space. This to be made meeting the customer needs, with such a wide range of possibilities that even the most demanding customer will be satisfied.

We are presenting now the various types of finishes, textures and colors of COLORPAVING line by Geohydrica, a leading company in the sector for the last 2 generations, that has been installing Venber products in Verona and Northern Italy.

There are several elements that combine to form the aesthetics of the substrate made with our system. We want to talk about the last 2 resin coatings, that are installed on the smoothing filler once the preliminar work has been carried out.

The first of these 2 coatings is the decorative finish, technically called “texture”, and is provided in 4 different types. We start with the “Colorpaving Industrial Chic” texture: it is applied using a trowel with a dovetail movement. This design created by the trowel creates a particular effect, unlike the simple tint with no variations and monochrome.

This type of texture gives your floor a uniform appearance. It does not present variations in shading or in dark-light combinations and it is suitable for high traffic areas because of its high resistance to abrasion.

Then we have the finish Colorpaving Epox Stucco, which is very varied thanks to its shading, this is achieved through a specific and expert processing.

The third type of texture is Colorpaving Epox Cemento, with the function to simulate an industrial concrete flooring, giving the spaces a characteristic taste of lived.

The last texture is called Colorpaving Epox Delavé, which looks nice and particular, thanks to its its innovative pickled processing, which vaguely recalls water stains.

A second important aesthetic factor in addition to the decoratve finish, is the last coating of resins for flooring, that is called “top”. Even in this case we have 4 different top finishesresins for flooring types, depending on the index of refraction of light. We will help you in making the best choice according to the light conditions. This will grant a particular and unique visual sensation.

This last resin coating is provided in 4 different versions: matte, satin, glossy or pearl. In the first type the refractive index is slow, so the contours of the reflected objects will be nuanced and the brilliance of the surface less.

Brightness increases gradually to satin ad further to glossy texture, in which we have the margins of the objects reflected net and firm. The last top texture, the pearl one, creates a play of light and contours very typical and grainy.
Whatever you desires may be, we can fulfill them.

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