Outdoors terraces and balcony decks, especially the large ones, are bound to undergo great mechanical stress, due for example to: bendings caused by the abrupt loading and unloading of notable weights; concentrated amounts of weight in a single spot; chemical stress caused by the weather, direct sunlight, freeze-thaw cycles; thermal excursion due to the alternance between day and night; vibrations caused by the proximity to the streets..
All these factors contribute to cause an accelerated structural aging in these parts of the building when contrapposed to parts of it less exposed to aforesaid agents. To make it all even worse, it is important to note that it is not that rare that the design of these parts of a building lacks the proper expansion joints and thus the structure, not being “free to move” stays anchored to the building, increasing the risk of structural fractures.

In the better cases these fractures run across the screed and surface through the concrete intersections between the tiles, in the worst cases they cut through the tiles following the diagonal creepage distances. In any case, once formed, in these fractures rain is bound to enter sooner or later, therefore forming water leaks that run down along the building through paths that only a trained gaze is able to follow.

Our company, after many years of experience in projecting, developing, testing and producing chemical products specifically for building and do it yourself, has spent 10 years testing their revolutionary outdoors waterproofing kit for terraces and balconies with this kind of problems.

In these years of activity we also have registered a high percentage in resolving leaking problems, amounting to the 98% of the totality of the cases treated.

Our do-it-yourself waterproofing kit presents unique advantages because it is as simple to apply it that anyone can do it, even non professionals, and because it is universal, adapting to the majority of floorings and surfaces. Moreover it is extremely cost effective because even with less than 10€ per m2 it still retains its 98% rate of success.

From an investigation that we have conducted in Italy, the average cost for the reparation or renovation of a terrace has proved to be higher than 150€ per m2

The two parts of the kit are two concentrated products, the first being GEO CLENING ECO®, a descaling product specifically aimed at cleaning all the dirt, saline residue and impurities including the saltpeter , and the second one being the SOS BALCONY®, a special waterproofing liquid, resource that is both hydro and oil repellant which ties itself to any kind of surface, may they be absorbent or glassy.


The waterproofing SOS BALCONY® forms a very strong impenetrable barrier, of electrostatic nature, that resists both water and oils, without modifying the natural aspect of the surfaces it is applied onto, and without producing any unwanted films or residues.

These pictures show the effectiveness of the waterproofing treatment on bot kinds of materials, glassy as tiles are and porous as stone floorings can be.

How to use the product to stop water from creating leaks:

apply a layer of GEO CLEANING ECO® on the desired floor and rub the surface with a scotch bright heavy duty sponge, then wash the surface clean with water and wait for a few days in order to allow the sun to dry the fissure down to its very end. (2 days at a 23°C  and 60%RU). At this point, it is sufficient to apply a single layer of SOS BALCONY® with a brush being careful to expand the treatment over the whole surface in object. Then, before the product is completely dry, plug the surface with a cloth imbued in SOS BALCONY® with the purpose of obtaining a uniform finish. in 5 or 6 hours you will notice that the waterproofing is already active and performing as advertised.


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