Venber’s Resins for floors and walls

A comprehensive overview on resins for floors at Venber, Verona, of their importance and applications

First and foremost, what is a resin floor?

It is certain that where we live does have an impact on how we feel in regard to the place we find ourselves working or living in.
Its structure and its shapes, even just the feeling of the surfaces, of walls, and of floors, which we can touch and feel every day, may give us many different impressions.
On the one end, concrete floor may give us a rugged feeling, the roughness of a dusty workplace, whereas a beaten earth flooring might bring to mind wine cellars, cheeses and the good old days, yet in these two cases the first thing we think will not be cleanliness or comfort. On the other end, a grassy surface is bound to remind us of the open air, outdoors experiences and of living in the country.

According to the kind of floors we find ourselves living on, the whole image of the entire home can be changed, for better or for worse: it is clear that our mood is strictly related to the comfort we find in our home and to the way the colours of the spaces we live in interact with the lighting. The floor is nonetheless an insuspected yet very important factor in this regard.

resina per pavimenti Nowadays, it is alway more commn to resort to floorings made using floor resins, not only for industrial floors but also for home applications, in order to substitute old tiles floorings with innovative solutions, with different styles and richness of nuances. This procedure in itself has many advantages, among these the fact that a person can have his floor tailored on his requirements, be them colour, textures, degree of brilliance.

Everyone has felt, at some point in their life, the necessity to give to their living quarters a new image, and this need might have often involved the desire to find a fast and effective solution to realize their vision, in order to renovate a floor already too worn or unpleasant.

For example, let’s think about a store owner whom has felt the urge to renovate the looks of his activity, in order to keep up to date with times changing or in order to feel confident in addressing a new range of clients, interior designing also involves floors and floorings.

A resin floor is obtained by applying a liquid material or in paste to a appoistely prepared surface, through a casting process or with the help of a spatula, in order to give to the floor a new coloured finish, compact and uniform.

Particular preaparation of the floor is not required, in fact resins are applicable on top of the old floor may it be marble, ceramic, stone or cement made; Only on wooden and linoleum floors resin application is not advised as they present the necessity or removal of the previous flooring.

Thanks to its pecualirity, resin can be considered an invaluable asset in renovating surfaces because it lends seamless and regular results and produces smooth surfaces, making the whole area treated feel like a whole, organic desing and thus giving the spaces a wider feeling.
Moreover, there won’t be intersections in the floorings, as is the case with linoleum or tiles, thus the resin made floor will result more hygienic and easier to clean.

Geo Hydrica is a company which specializes in producing and laying Venber brand products, with which it designs and implements solutions in order to achieve the state of the art in their floorings. We are able to perform in any situation with a wide range of products and finishes to achieve the best possible results from a functionality and esthetic point of view.

After this generic introduction on what a resin floor is, we wish to move on to what are the base parts of the process of laying and crafting a floor as such, to be more specific: epoxy polimers and poliurethans, which, once dried, will constitute the surface on which we will be able to walk.


What are Venber Verona’s epoxy resins?

With the word “Resin” both artificial and natural substances are usually identified, the latter being viscous materials, similar to their vegetal counterpart, able to hardening by cooling or heating processes. Under this class, fall many products and complex polymers, which can be obtained with an extended variety of methods and raw materials.

Resins present themselves as liquid materials which are turned into solid ones in three major ways: by simply letting the laid material dry to the air, by mechanical manipulation of the product or by adding a series of catalysts to the mix.

The term “Epoxy” on its own, refers to the particular chemical structure of our resins for floorings , generally, these are polymers, formed with the presence of a main component named “monomer”, deriving from mónos, the ancient greek word for “single, alone”, this chemical acts as an epoxy ring to the whole compound, naming thus the final outcome. This means that Resin is born of two hydrocarbon molecules: in this case, one is oxygen and the other is ethylene.

This ring-shaped structure yelds to our resins many performing qualities, more specifically weather endurance, hardness, sturdiness but also elasticity, heat endurance and also the possibility of integration with fibers that can enhance its mechanical properties, such as glass fibers, carbon fibers etcetera. Geo Hydrica’s resins are waterbased, produced without any solvents, therefore perfectly safe and suitable for many risk-free environments.

In order to avoid being too viscous and to be spread and laid in the best of ways, floor resins need to be formulated in a way that renders them easy to use. Different formulas and viscousities lend themselves to different applications, say for example on a vertical surface, without leaving any dripping marks, or self-levelling resins apt to be spread on horizontal surfaces.

When confronted with other kinds of resins, the epoxy and poliurethane resins have far better mechanical properties, quicker reaction times and an innate hardness and compactness in appearance which can be turned from elegant aspects to more à la mode ones without any risk of fragmentation, loss of volume, flaking or cracking. Therefore these characteristics make them the most reliable variety of resins for walls or floorings in terms of safety and robustness.


The appearance of a floor is what makes it desirable and appreciable in every context, but not necessarily the only factor to be taken into account, especially if we are taking work environments into consideration. The qualities of beauty, practicality, durability and easiness to clean, become important as well in the floor resins field.

COLORPAVING EPOX STUCCO APPARTAMENTO AL LAGO ok_HOME OKVenber’s products meet any requirement, both in case of covering a pre-existing flooring and in case of coating walls, or Cement-based mortar screed.
In every case the beauty of result and the variety of available finishes are our key to being able to tailor a resin floor to match any possible customers’ demands: from colour, to brightness, opaqueness or matte finishes, we can always create the environment you have envisioned for your situation.

The innovative COLORPAVING resin system makes Geo Hydrica able to recreate more than 3500 tints from international colour swatches: RAL, NCS and our own GEOSYSTEM color swatch together yeald an unmatched variety of alternatives. Quality of the finishes of our resins is high-standard, and tends to produce 4 subcategories of products on the grounds of how the lights is reflected when shining on the surfaces: gloss finish, matte finish, satin finis and pearl finish; the glossier the finishes, the more the lights will be reflected, the more a room will give a higher sense of deepness.

A glossy resin floor finish will make the ambience feel more luxurious and bright, regardless of the colour.

In their own regard, pearl finish floors, tend to resemble the gloss finish floors, but with the mixture of two, slightly different tints it is possible to give a resin floor a slightly liquidness in appearance and a softness of its own, thus making it special on its own accord.

The less the light shines on a surface, the narrower and the more focused the whole room will seem. Therefore, in areas in which amplyfing the perception of space is not desirable, it is for the best to give the ambience a higher intimacy and warmth, this effect can be easily achieved by satin and matt finishes.

Moreover, cleaning the latter kinds of finishes is simpler than most, because they tend to avoid to underline the presence of dust. This two kind of products are becoming more and more popular for this reason as well, both for resin walls and resin floors.

Our floor and wall resins are available in endless varieties of colours, each of which will give its own personality to the floor and ambience interested, turning a simple floor or wall into real accessories, perfect for customizing the place of your dreams.

Reds, oranges, yellows will fill the air with energy, brightness, liveliness and strength.. the darker and less intense the color become, as in the case of carminio or vermiglione tints, the warmer and more intimate they will be.

Yellow is by all means the sun’s colour, and also the cheerfulness’ one, it will make the whole area bright, fresh and cheerful, both for the harder and the softer shades, which will add also a touch of delicateness to the environment.

The airier and fresher tones, recalling the feeling of the water, of the sky and of the sea, blues and light blues can be the perfect background, quiet and peaceful, to an home or for example to an office, which is a work place where calm and serenity surely could be a good environmental addition.

Then there are the green tones, a plethora of colours that recall a contact with nature, liveliness and joyfulness, fun and carefreeness.

Last but not the least, let us not forget about the more classy and elegant tones and colours, particular choices like black and purple, which can be fascinating to add into the mix.
Gray is a neutral colour, born to make other elements and colours stand out in the environment; brown will infund a sense of protection, warmth and stability. In order to help you choose among our many alternatives, the GEOSYSTEM Color Swatch offers more than 400 colours, tones and shades, all stylish and fashionable.

Every single colour is thought of and realized with profound care always according to the clients’ indications, in order to make your environment a unique experience to be cherished, shared and lived togehter with your loved ones or with business partners and colleagues, tailored to make you always feel at home.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are at your service.

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