2017’s finests, Trending coatings and resins for floorings

Chromatic trends in floorings’ Resin treaments for 2017


If you’re wishing to renovate your office or some of your home’s rooms, or your home in its entirety, we wish to give you some precious advice as well as the colour palettes which will be your guide for 2017.

The advices you will find in our website are the product of a thorough analysis of the trends in this years’ market as well as of what has been going on with the new trends in the fashion environment. Let us not forget, also, what has been suggested by important italian institutions in this field, as for example the Pantone Color Institute.

According to the latter, the new tendency for this year is going to be the “greenery” shade of green, together with the many nuances that will accompany it throughout this year.

This particular shade of green is vibrant colour born of a blend between green and yellow, a cheerful nuance that resembles the colour of peas, Smith apples and spring.

This colour fits well together with many other shades as for example any kind of white or gray, for a quick demonstration check out the pictures below:

With our own Venber resin it is possible to realize any shade, even the Pantone ones.

For those who wish their resins in “greenery” tint, may it be applied on floorings or as a coating, we kindly advise these matches to this particular shade:

  • Concrete gray
  • Bismuth yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pale blue

Moreover, we wish to suggest you some colour shades that can be a cue to match the colours of your furniture or fabrics, or just accessories, to those of your ambience.

tinte di tendenza per il 2017 per la resina per pavimenti

resina per pavimenti - tendenze 2017

resina per pavimenti - tinte 2017

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