Resins for floorings

Overview of resins for flooring by Venber Verona, their importance and application

What is a resin flooring

Surely the environment in which we live affects us in some way in terms of how we feel in request a quotethe place where we live or work. Depending on the structure or characteristics or even only exterior appearance of the surface where we lay our shoes or feet we can get a range of feelings or impressions.

Surely a concrete flooring will give us a rough feeling, somethig unrefined, or it can evoke images of dust and industrious work, while a clay bottom will recall wineries, wines, cheese and past times, but even in this situation the feeling we have is of comfort and cleanliness. On the other way a grass background recalls images of outdoor and country life.

Depending on the type of flooring, the very image of the entire house can change significantly and so it can arouse very different sensations and feelings, not considering how much it can affect our mood being in a lighter or darker setting and how confortable it is. And it’s granted that the floor is an important element of any environment.

resins for flooringA substrate made of resin flooring represents a solution more and more adopted, not only for industrial coatings but also in home solutions, this way the flooring of your own home is not made of tiles, but of resins of different kind. This involves many advantages, not least that of being able to obtain a tailor-made flooring, for color, texture and finishes.

Which of you has never had the need to give a completely new look to his own environment? Or had had to find a fast and effective way to restore a worn and bad looking flooring? Let’s consider a store in need to renew its look, to become up-to-date and seek a new clientele, all the interior design work also includes the flooring.

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A resin flooring is basically liquid or semi-hard, to be applied on a substrate specifically prepared, by casting or by spatula, to give the flooring a new and colourful finish, solid and uniform.

No special preparations of substrates are needed, in fact the new resin flooring is applicable on the the old basement, be it of ceramic, marble, stone and concrete. Only in cases of wood and linoleum flooring it is not recommended to apply the resin on it, but it is suggested to remove the pre-existent material.

Thanks to its characteristics it turns out to be a product of exceptional value, presenting a uniform and continuous appearance, all the places seem to be based on a monolithic support and the environment looks larger. In addition there will be no leaks, the result is a more hygienic and easier to mantain flooring.

Geo Hydrica is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of Venber products, used to design and build every kind of solution to obtain state-of-the-art coatings and flooring made of resin. We can provide a wide range of products with a large variety of finishes.

After the introduction about resin floorings, we can examine the elements that constitute the resin flooring: that is to say epoxy and polyurethane polymers that, once hardened, will be our basement to walk on.

What the epoxy resins for flooring by Venber Verona are

The term resin refers both to natural and artificial substances, the last ones are usually viscous materials, similar in appearance to natural resin, able to harden cold or hot. It is generally a large class of different and complex polymers, which can be obtained through a large variety of methods and raw materials.

With the generic term resin, we indicate a family of materials that occurs naturally in the liquid form and that – through various methodologies – are induced to achieve the solid state. This can be simply by heating, or by mechanical means, another way to obtain the result is by the contact with oxygen contained in the air, to which the product hardens. The solid state can be also achieved by the addition of catalysts.

The term epoxy refers to the particular chemical structure of the resins for flooring and generally of all the epoxy resins. They are essentially polymers, made of a component called monomer. This monomer (the word means “one”) is like a small Lego brick, called epoxide ring, hence the name of the resin. The epoxy ring is made of 2 molecules of hydrocarbons, in this case ethylene and oxygen.

This ring structure gives the resin high performances, in particular resistance to external agents, hardness and robustness, but also good elasticity, heat resistance and the possibility of being accompanied by fibers that increase its mechanical properties (glass and carbon fibers etc). Geo Hydrica resins are water-based and solvent-free, therefore suitable to the environments without risks.

In order not to be too viscous and therefore to be stretched out in the best way, resins for floorings need to be formulated so as to be usable. Various formulations and various viscosities enable specific applications, for example thixotropic resins allow vertical applications with no runoffs, while self leveling resins make it easier the laying on horizontal surfaces.

When compared to other types of resins, those epoxy and polyurethane have superior mechanical properties, shorter reaction times and a harder and more compact finish, that can take different decorative effects, from elegant to glamour, without the drawback of flaking, cracking, losing volume or crumble into micro particles. This makes them the best varieties to obtain resins for secure and robust floors.


The floor aesthetics is what makes it valuable in a home, as well as in the workplace, but certainly it is not the only element that should be considered, especially in an industrial or work environment. The combined factors of beauty, strength, convenience, durability and ease of cleaning become important aspects to consider in the field of resins for flooring.

Venber products are the solution for your requirements, both in case of coating a pre resins for flooringexistent substrate and covering walls and for flooring to be installed on the screed. In each of these cases, the exterior beauty and the variety of finishes allow us to design all the aspects: from the color to opacy or gloss, in order to create a tailored environment.

COLORPAVING Geo Hydrica resins can be provided in more than 3500 colors of the international palettes RAL, NCS and our palette GEOSYSTEM, that uses resins for flooring of high quality that responds to different external characteristics. The finishes, depending on the degree of reflection of light, can be of 4 types: glossy, satin, matte and pearl; the glossy ones are more reflecting, making the spaces larger and more comfortable and they donate to any room an enhanced three-dimensionality and gretare sense of depth.

When lights reflect on the floor the atmosphere is more luxurious and special, giving a deeper sense of transparency.

While pearlescent products reminds glossy tones, there may be resin floorings that, with the skillful mix of 2 slightly different colors, give a characteristic, to say, more liquid and softer compared to the simple shiny. Then we have satin and matte finishes.

The less light is reflected on a surface, the less the local appears wide and dispersive, especially in larger rooms, where it is not necessary to increase the sense of depth. On the contrary, when it is required to give the environment a more intimate sensation, we can use less brillant finishes, such as matte and opaque.

In particular, we want to inform that matt and satin tones are easier to clean, because dust is less visible. In fact, the trend is currently towards a greater use of these 2 products, both for flooring and internal finishes.

The resins for flooring we produce can be provided in a huge variety of colors. Each color will give the flooring and the environment its specific characteristics, making the floor as a new way to customize your home, store or office.

Red, orange and yellow tones will instill in the environment vibrant energy, brightness and strength; as they become darker and less brilliant as carmine and vermillion, they become warmer and more enveloping. As they lighten, pointing to orange and yellow, the vitality and light in the local will be greater.

Yellow is by definition the color of sunshine and happiness, it brightens the whole area and help keeping light and fresh the atmosphere inside the house. This happens both for chargd and tenuous tones, that in addition give a touch of delicacy to the floor and the room.

Then there are more classy and elegant tones, such as black and purple, unusual colors, but deeply fascinating. Grey is neutral, born to bring out all the other colors, starting from objects that are on it, while brown instills a sens of protection, stability and heat. To help you in the choice, the palette GEOSYSTEM offers a solution of almost 400 fashionable tones.

Resins for flooring can also be made in cooler and airy shades, reminding water, sea and sky. Here the light blue, sky blue, blue and turquoise tones, that are the perfect meet for a simple and quiet background for the furniture and the other elements of the room, a good choice also for work environments. They are in fact the colors that inspire calm and comfort.

Then there are all the varieties of green, those that refer back to the contact with nature, happiness, fun and tranquillity. Each tone is prepared with the deepest care and projected in accordance with the customer, our range is so wide that it is possible to obtain any shade required.

This is important when you want to make your offices, shops and workplaces a unique experience to live, with the intention of bringing the visitor in a very special and personal place, where the visit becomes a chromatic trip, full of particular and new sensations, in an environment tailored for the owner of the house.

The practicality of the resins for flooring by Venber Verona

The resins for flooring are nowadays not only new and particular aesthetic solutions, that allows you to tailor the environment to your ideas of beauty and colors, but a real salvation in the event of restructuring, where usually the interventions are likely to be long and expensive.

When it’s about to work on a rundown ceramic floor or a worn parquet or simply a grit substrate you like no more, we can use our technology to optimize local resources and have a new space, renovated and pleasant, tailored for you. This to be done with fixed times and costs, having no variables, while during normal restructuring both timing and budgets may rise by 30-50%.

Not only we project the solution, but also we produce resources to fully resolve the situation, we provide all the the floor and coating products, planning the action line and going directly to the place, providing installation and after sales services.

In the event of restructuring, when it comes to avoid unnecessary waste of money by eliminating the need to demolish tiles and substrates, a resin flooring becomes the more practical, economic and effective solution to have a new floor and coverings. In addition a resin flooring is always smooth and uniform, without joints, that is to say a robust plan, easy to clean, always restorable and requires low maintenance.

Our company provides all the material needed to perform a state-of-the-art work, to be done by qualified personnel. It is fundamental the knowledge of the procedures and the professionalism, our teams are in fact trained to perform flawless intervention.

The procedure starts with the first major work constituted by the cleaning and abrasion of the existent surface. It must be perfectly cleaned and free of oils and fats, all the fragments that could break off and create dust or small pieces that may be a problem for the overall stability of the work must be eliminated. Be careful because this is a very important step.

After vacuum accurately every minimum residual dust, apply the reinforcing tape with the primer, then move on to lay down the resins for flooring with the aim of filling any hole and roughness, making the surface planar.

The steps essentially are: abrasion, vacuum and cleaning, application of the reinforcing tape with the primer – which grants high adhesion – then application of the smoothing filler, decorative coating with 4 stucco-effect textures, on which apply the finish that could be matte, glossy, satin or pearl.

After vacuuming carefully every minimum residual dust, adhere the reinforcing tape with the primer, on which will be laid the resin for flooring for filling, that makes the surface plain and steam resistant. On it apply decorative coating with 4 options of texture and finally the finishes that can be matte, glossy, satin or pearl.

Installation and restoring

resins for flooringGeohydrica has several strong points and competences. Now at the second entrepreneurial generation, the company has a deep industry knowledge, the ability to produce primarily chemical coating products for civil and industrial construction, as well as the finishes, being the holder of the brand Venber.

The production is made totally inside the company, maintaining a high level of quality, being the inspections made by the company itself, certified in compliance with international standards ISO 9001. The quality of the materials is an essential prerequisite if you want to be assured about the installation durability: it is our care not to give the customer a faulty floor.

Another important strong point of Geohydrica is the accurate study of color-combinations. Our team works in complete synergy with the designer and the customer, in order to fully meet their needs. In fact it is in his home or store or office that the resins for flooring, cleverly installed, creates the atmosphere desired for their own environment.

There is no color we can’t provide, to ensure that the ideal and the dream of each person can become reality and create the atmosphere desired for our own environment. All enriched by various types of finishes and textures, for even greater customization of our own home, office, store or workplace.

In addition we proudly produce more than 200 products, which represent a wide range of solutions for building in general, from water-based paints, to sealings, encapsulants, to decoratives for wall coating (sandblasted effect stucco etc…), resins, protective and anti-graffiti treatments, paints for wood and iron, all this in full compliance with regulations of the environment ad worker health.

All our resin layers are specifically trained on the job in order to achieve a perfect know-how and perform the installation with the guarantee of a state-of-the-art job. A certified professionalism that represents for us the certainty of being able to give the customer a unique and precious product that lasts in time.

Our resins for flooring are obviously waterproof so that they could be installed in environments with presence of water, as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. In addition the particular structure of the resin makes it immune from runoffs and this is fundamental when it comes to performing wall covering works.

Several types of wall decorative finishes are available, always granting a perfect sealing, durability, chromaric customization and maintenance service, even in the case of vertical surfaces, that also become resistant to to numerous aggressive substances, easy to clean and easily renewable.

Please call us for all your questions. We are at your disposal.

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