The past and present of resins for flooring

Floorings building

resine per pavimentiNow we want to talk about building a flooring and about the importance to entrust this job to competentrequest a quote installers. It is important to clarify how important it is a correct installation, no matter whether it is in resin or other materials.

In the past, in the flooring industry, the systems used for coatings were many and with a big variety of materials, such as: ceramic tiles, wood, linoleum etc. Naturally nowadays, as in the past, several elements come into play in the choice of which type of flooring and coating use: the typology of the substrate and its state, the type of renovation, housing issues to be solved (presence of stairs or differences in height between one room and another). In short it is necessary a careful and accurate evaluation of the requirements and therefore the type of renovation to face. Another important element to take into account is about the costs, including the expenses for the removal of the old flooring, in addition to the accomodation of the surface.

Before the advent of resins for flooring, there have been several solutions and materials used. During history man has used many different materials in order to insulate floorings from cold, dirt and discomfort given by a rough soil.

For example, in some regions inhabited by nomads in Asia Minor, were found rests of flooring created using woven straw, basically they were creating mats. And when they were not enough to repair from cold, they were interwined with sheep wool threads.

The solution was often found by observing the various materials available to man. The history and tradition of floorings can consequently be discovered in different materials and methodologies.

Therefore in the past terracotta or stone floorings were widely adopted and so nowadays we can still admire them in good conditions in Roman houses, medieval castles and so on. This type of solution has been widely used for centuries, as well as the use of marble or wood and clay for the less wealthy. Considering our ancestors we can not always talk about installation, usually it was simply the creation of floorings from a natural duly pressed substrate or by posing stone slabs.

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The development of floorings

Throughout the ancient times only few civilizations charged artists with the realizations ofresins for flooring floorings, but when this was possible were created masterpieces. Even today when we visit historic houses or castles, we realize that some masters – with only a few resources – were able to create something that is still present today. Of course when considering homes of nobles, having money to pay stonemasons, bricklayers and materials, the result was excellent.

The installation was always made by craftsmen or personally, it was uncommon to rely on specialised companies, also because they were rare and expensive. They were engaged only in case of major works, such as cathedrals or noble houses. In fact, throughout Middle Ages, it was the common person who built the whole house, including flooring.

During the age of the italian city states and then during Reinassance and later during the Baroque, several new application methodologies and new building materials were introduced. During these centuries a new and modern way to install the substrates and covering materials were developed, paying more attention to aesthetics.

Today’s floorings

Over the centuries and especially in the last 50 years, man has created new materials for floorings, such as linoleum, vinyl, rubber pvc, up to resin, the last major technology arrived in the coating industry, that can be used both for floorings and plans in general.

In past ages the installation was always made by craftsmen and connected to the abilities of the worker involved. This is true even today, obviously, with the addition of a new important element, such as the formation of the worker by specialized companies. At Geo hydrica we rely on expert installers, trained in our company in accordance with established and effective methods, this is our guarantee for an excellent result.

A key point is – without a doubt – the phase of the substrate preparation, essential for the success of the whole work. The substrate must be prepared appropriately in order to be stable and solid, so as to be suitable for the installation of the new resin flooring. The most interested readers will find more detailed information about these working phases in other pages of the website. However we want to emphasize that what matters for a good result is to rely on our competent personnel, specifically trained in the installation of resin floorings.

resins for flooringOur installers use Venber products, in Verona, Bologna and the whole Northern Italy and indeed in every place a customer asks us to realize his dreams, following specific guidelines in order to have a perfect work. Our teams always grant a perfect realization, in all the particular phases of the installation work. We rely on expert resin flooring installers, who work carefully to make your spaces as you desire.

For all your questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer to be in touch with you so as to send you free estimates.

These are the strong points of Geo hydrica, manufacturer of Venber products in Verona.

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