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resins for flooringResins for flooring industry is undoubtedly anrequest a quote advanced world, where the ability of the manufacturer is always an extremely important factor. It is therefore a key point to combine the knowledge of the most innovative technologies with dexterity and know-how gained from decades of practical skills in the field, skills that have to be put to total customer satisfaction.

The specific needs of the customer are the starting points of our work in the field. Our work begins with a specific requirement to satisfy. It is since we fully understand his specific needs that we are able to provide him a tailor-made solution for his environment, both in terms of practicity and functionality, durability and aesthetic.

The company Geo hydrica is leader in the field of resin floorings and it is the manufcturer of Venber products. They are specifically formulated to be the optimal solution in many situations that may be faced in the event of flooring and covering renovations, where resin finds a place by replacing previous and less original systems in the the field of construction and decoration.

Venber products, produced in Verona, are professional and are provided in a wide range. Starting from waterproofing products, consolidating products and anti-humidity and anti-mould treatments. Then we have asbestos encapsulating products, impregnating and stain-resistant products, then all the lines for protection and painting of various materials, such as wood, till arriving to anti-corrosive and protective products.

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Thanks to our wide range of products we can provide you all the solutions for internal and external works: anti-graffiti products, natural decoratives, water-based paints, waterproofing products, water-based pulps, professional dispenser systems and more that you can find looking into our catalog.

Finally we have products for flooring and wall coating. We are talking about our lines of decorative resins to be installed on older ceramic or concrete floorings and our line of resins for industrial floorings.

Our Venber products, that we produce with experience and care in our facilities in Verona, are at the forefront in the field of resin for floorings. They are distinguishd for the quality of the results characterized by stability and durability, in compliance with aesthetic qualities and possiblity of customized solutions. In addition it is granted a fast and effective state-of-the-art work, in compliance with timing and budget.

As Geo Hydrica we are manufacturer of all Venber products. We are a leading company in the field of civil and industrial construction, both in terms of customer care and in projecting and put into the market products that are more and more innovative and advanced. A strong point is certainly our experience put at your service, thanks to our research on materials and production technologies, as well as years of experience on the field.

The management of Geo Hydrica is young, creative and ambitious, these characteristicsresins for flooring are reflected in the attitude and approach to the market. The market itself, always changing, requires dynamism and flexibility and for this reason Geo Hydrica – with Venber products – is the perfect and ideal partner for any challenge in the field of building.

The company has specialised in continuous scientific research in order to be always at the forefront in every aspect of the building world. The point of view is to look at production efficiency and safety of materials, thanks to a product design made always considering the health of the end-customer.

Our products are the result of research, studies and tests that lead to high quality. Our goal is to provide the best products starting from best quality raw materials. This is done while maintaining characteristics of fast and easy processing and applicability, as well as durability, stability and aesthetic value. All this for the wide range of products we have, such as resins for floorings or applied as coverings.

The commercial services offered – whether in the field of resins for floorings or in any other product customers might need – include fast shipping, advice for the solution of technical and application problems, assistance at the construction site, technical training courses. All this to anticipate the solution of the problems of the customer, in supporting the needs of the professional. The brand Venber by Geo Hydrica means all that.

The commitment of our company is to give a strong and reliable support to industry professionals. We offer products that are durable in time, with the guarantee of innovative tchnologies and high quality standards. For these reasons we can grant the end-user top notch performances, whether a professional in the costruction or installation.

resins for flooringThe challenge is always to work in complete and total harmony and synergy with the customer, starting from the quotation to the project and execution on the spot, with timing, costs and ways expected since the beginning, with no delays.

In addition we provide assistance for any aspect of the product realization and then after-sale assistance. Geo Hydrica is completely available for any clarification or information needed, we believe resin as an optimal solution for anyone who wants to rely on competent professionals. Contact us for any need you have and we will be delighted to help you.

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