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Geo Hydrica is a company specialized in the production and sale of chemical products for the construction industry and high-end decorative finishes, especially in creating resinous products, both for coatings and for floorings.

Over the years, by serving different type of customers, from private to the building industry professional, we have identified some of the most frequently asked questions and in this article we are listing a few, including their answers.

Se riteniamo che leggere informazioni da un sito sia certamente utile, la cosa migliore che possiamo consigliarvi è telefonare e porre ogni vostro quesito ad uno dei nostri consulenti. Saremo lieti di rispondere alle vostre domande sulle resine per pavimenti e rivestimenti.
We consider that reading information from a website is certainly useful but we suggest to call and ask us all your questions. We will bedelighted to answer to all your questions about resin for floorings and coatings.

  • The resin for floorings and coatings is synthetic?

Yes, for flooring and wall coverings it is not possible to use natural substances.

  • I would like to know exactly what resins are

It is about material for building, synthetic and viscous. Appearance and consistency are like natural resins but – whereas the latter exists in nature, the one for flooring and coverings is created in labs by specialized companies.
These resins for floorings, masonry and wall coverings, are complex polymers, obtained with different processing methods and several raw materials.

  • Synthetic resin applications

This material can be used in many ways, starting from resins for floorings, wall coverings, they can be used to refineand consolidate several building elements.
They can be even used for furniture, such as kitchen tops.

  • In addition to floorings and coverings, could it be used for other?

Certainly. It can be used for example in the painting of metal structures or in surfaces waterproofing, in pipes and cables coating etc.

  • I’d like to purchase resin for floorings and coverings, but I’d like to know if this material is environmentally friendly

No resin flooring can be called environmentally friendly, but our products have a low environmental impact because of they are water-based, have low emission of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and therefore particularly suitable for internal use in homes.

  • I’d like to purchase resin and I wonder if it is used as it is produced

The answer is no. The raw material produced can not be applied directly as for paintings. Resins for floorings and coverings are applied only after being formulated, after the additives have been added in order to obtain the exact product required by the customer.

  • I am a private and I have a question: can I apply resin for floorings by myself? What about coverings?

On the internet you can search for many tutorial videos about how to install resin for floorings, therefore we could say that the anwer is yes. In time products have been improved and made easier to prepare and to apply. If you have ever tried to paint the walls of your house you know that it is not easy to have good results, obviously it is through practice that you learn the ropes. If it is true that it is possible to coat again a wall we have already painted, after a few experience, certainly we cannot re-apply a resin floor in case it is not as we desired.
Our advice is therefore to turn to experienced installers who know exactly what errors might be committed and… do not make them.

  • Is there any support by the producer and installers of resins for floorings or coverings?

Yes, of course. Producer companies like Geo Hydrica in Verona, have access to experts who are able to create high-quality products and experienced installers who are able to carry out a state-of-the-art work. In addition it is made a careful evaluation of the support on which the new material is to be applied, it is obviously made a design study to identify the resinous system needed. Both in production and application a good company will do the job with professional tools and skilled staff. With adequate chemical and technical skills issues are reduced nevertheless resolved, at the company or at the construction site. Only a proper study of the whole project will grant to fully meet the customer needs.

  • What are the companies that produce synthetic resins?

The production of resins is made in cutting-edge facilities by qualified personnel who are the formulators. It is about companies operating in the chemical field, specialized in this type of work. Companies like ours meets the standards set by ISO 9001 and each product grants technical performances reported in the product sheet.

  • In what areas can we use synthetic resins?

Whether we are talking about applying resins on floorings, walls or furniture, we can safely declare that they can be applied in every sector of production, be it industries, businesses, offices, hospitals, schools, stores, shops and private homes.



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