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Second part

Here’s the second part of the selection dedicated to the questions that we get asked, when approaching the world of synthetic resins.

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  • I work in the construction industry and I recently approached large buildings renovations. I wonder if I can offer this solution for floorings in large spaces, such as warehouses, sheds and factories

Yes. The resinous bases we produce, have different characteristics both for the chemical formulation, both for physical performances. This allows us to produce products we sell to the operators of the industry for any kind of applications and are ideal for large spaces such as warehouses, industrial buildings, businesses and offices of all kinds. They can also find applications in hospitals, because the continuous flooring eliminates joints making the surface extremely hygienic.

  • I run a company that works food and I was adviced to install resins on the current flooring. Should I follow this advice?

Having already installed resins on food industries floorings, we can say with knowledge of the facts that in a company like this the decision to use resins is really appropriate. Precisely for their characteristic of continuity and therefore no joints, resins floorings prevent biological materials to remain trapped somewhere on the floor. The result is absolute hygiene and ease of cleaning.

  • I saw some pictures in a newspaper in which it was described walls covering by applying resins. Could you provide resins for this kind of application and also installation service?

The answer is yes to both requests: our resins are ideal for wall coverings and we can also provide installation service not only in Verona, but in Veneto and the northern and central Italy.

Thanks to synthetic resin it is possible to obtain original and pleasant effects, impressive on the walls.
We would like to point out that there are, however, some resins called “self-leveling” that have a characteristic formulation that fits especially to horizontal planes (in fact they are specific for floorings) and therefore not suitable for vertical applications.

  • While installing resins on floorings and walls, is it possible to create the effect of continuity?

Yes of course.

The name used for joints between flooring and walls is coves nd it is about a diret union between the two elements which is thus slightly rounded.

They can be in various sizes and they grant continuity between flooring and walls. It is an excellent solution when resins for flooring have to be applied in working environments that require a high hygiene level.

In case you wish to install resins both for floorings and walls, but separating colors and presentation, you can choose a color for flooring, than use normal skirting boards as separating elements and then apply a resin with a different color for walls.

We can advise on the different solutions that best fit your needs.

  • I was recommended not to install resins on floorings because then I could not close the doors, is it true? I would have to call the carpenter to fix the doors?

Absolutely not. It depends on several elements that come into play in the production and application cycle. If it is true that in the market it is possible to find resins for floorings and wall coverings that once applied become screeds of 1 centimeter, then there are others that are 2 or 3 millimeters and they are suitable to be installed when you can not modify your doors.

  • I’m going to renovate a large living room and would like to apply resin. Is it possible to choose the same color for flooring and walls? Will it be exactly the same? I’ve had contrasting responses on this point

Better to be honest from the beginning. Despite applying the same resin to flooring and walls, it must be taken into account the effect caused by the light. Basically the rays of light reflect on surfaces and obviously there will be differences between the reflection on the floor and on the walls. It is the reason why you will have a slightly different perception of the color, even if it was used the same one.

The color will seem slightly different even if surfaces are illuminated by a full day of sun or not. You will see a difference even when you turn on artificial lights, but this always appens, even with conventional paintings.

  • I decided to renovate the flooring in my house and I decided to apply resins, but I cannot choose the color because I am afraid of making a mistake and therefore have an unpleasant result. How can I do?

No problem. When a customer contacts us for evaluating the choice of a renovation that include resins for flooring or wall covering, our staff is perfectly able to show different samples, they will show you how different shades can be mixed and which colors are to be preferred in an environment and which are more suited for another one. All this of course keeping in mind your taste.

We have several systems that will help you in the evaluation and in taking the right choice. At the end of works you will be happy and satisfied of the final result.


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