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Property renovation, when it comes to bathrooms,
even if it might not seem much,
can get quite complicated, to say the least.request a quote
That is, because every activity is concentrated into one room,  and the work must be done swiftly and properly.

Do it yourself renovation is not taken into account in these pages, but we wish to advise the readers who migh be interested to take a quick look at this section in order to gather some more documentation on do it yourself bathroom renovations.

First of all, renovating a bathroom can be quite expensive: coordination between project and execution are a requirement to be met which often isn’t, if these abilities are not aligned it is possible to be cost-ineffective and to invest more time than one would like to.

May it be big, may it be a small quarter, in order to renovate a bathroom there are 3 steps to go through:

Projectual phase: at this point of the process it is essential to decide wether we wish to move or not the bathroom fixtures, power sockets, furniture pieces or not, in order to achieve the maximum commodity and functionality. Moreover, at this time, finishes and accessories are chosen, therefore it is easy to understand that this implies looking for masters of the trade: very few companies can take care of a whole bathroom and renovate it at 360°.

At least 6 professional figures are involved in the project:

  1. A furniture-maker;
  2. A Carpenter;
  3. A Plumber;
  4. A Electritian;
  5. A Tile-maker;
  6. A Painter.

Executive phase: Everyone of the professionals listed above should be able to coordinate at this point, and work together in order to prevent delays and avoid inexcessive costs. Nonetheless the average time of renovation for a bathroom when there are no delays is approximately two weeks long, at the worst, in can be longer than a month.

Renovate the room with confirmed costs:whoever has ever tried renovating a bathroom might have experienced the inconveniences tied to the situation, starting with the demolition and reconstruction of parts of the room, operations in which structural accidents may occur. In any case, the costs for the whole process, even for a small bathroom, may exceed 8000€.

Nonetheless, thanks to innovative Color Paving System, a resin application technique we have perfectioned through years of development, renovating your bathroom may be quick, cost-effective and without any inconvenience. Never before had been possible to coat with a just 2 millimetres thick layer of resin your bathroom’s tiles or floorings, renovating the surface entirely in just 4 or 5 days, without the need to move any of the bathroom fixtures nor having to remove the old tiles. With our resins a cost-effective and timely solution to your renovation necessities is guaranteed:

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In our photo gallery you will find many ideas to renovate your bathroom: our resins will give to your floors a unique style, an intimate ambience and a look exactly of the shades of colour as desired.

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Last but not the least, using our resins will guarantee that the whole process will have low emissions, because all our resins are A+ class certified (almost 0% emissions), CE marked and certified for contact with food and beverages.

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